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A2003-03: Regarding Superintendents for Minnesota Academies for the Blind and the Deaf

Adopted in: 2003

Topics: Education, Minnesota State Academy for the Blind

WHEREAS, the Minnesota State Academy for the Blind (MSAB) and the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf (MSAD) have unique missions within Minnesota's education system; and

WHEREAS, because the educational needs of blind children are vastly different from those of deaf children, MSAB and MSAD have historically been identified as separate entities, each with its own superintendent; and

WHEREAS, since the resignation of the superintendent of MSAB in July, 2003, the superintendent of MSAD has served as acting superintendent of MSAB; and

WHEREAS, a committee consisting of members from the site councils of the two schools and the governance board of MSAB was formed to make recommendations to MSAB's governance board about the vacant superintendent position; and

WHEREAS, The National Federation of the Blind of Minnesota, along with others in the community, has long maintained that the students at MSAB are best served when the two schools remain separate; now therefore

BE IT RESOLVED by the national Federation of the blind of Minnesota in convention assembled this second day of November, 2003 in the city of St. Paul that this organization reaffirm and advise the site councils committee of our long-standing position that the Minnesota State Academy for the Blind should have a superintendent separate from the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this organization urge the speedy appointment of a new superintendent of the Minnesota State Academy for the Blind.

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