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A2008-03: Recognition of Representative Jim Ramstad's Service to the Blind

Adopted in: 2008

Topics: legislation

WHEREAS, Representative Jim Ramstad of Minnesota's Third Congressional District has decided not to seek another term after serving in that capacity since 1991; and

WHEREAS, he served for ten years before then in the Minnesota State Senate; and

WHEREAS, Representative Ramstad has consistently supported efforts of the National Federation of the Blind, not unquestioningly, but after warm and thorough discussion of the issues; and

WHEREAS, he was instrumental in assisting us to get blind persons who were interested in starting small businesses included in programs of the federal Small Business Administration that offers assistance to mainstream small businesses including loans and advice from persons with relevant knowledge; and

WHEREAS, Representative Ramstad has been helpful, including co-sponsoring legislation,  as we seek to remove work disincentives in the Social Security system; and

WHEREAS, his support of our position regarding these work disincentives was not automatic, but came after personal interaction with members that included probing and insightful questions illustrating his ability to be open to other positions and new information; and

WHEREAS, Representative Ramstad has almost without fail arranged to meet with our members personally when we go to Washington D. C. to visit Congress: Now therefore

BE IT RESOLVED by the National Federation of the Blind of Minnesota in convention assembled this fifth day of October, 2008, in the city of Rochester, Minnesota, that this organization commend Representative Ramstad for his decades of exemplary public service; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we express to him our deepest appreciation for his long and fruitful relationship with the National Federation of the Blind and for the true understanding and active support he has shown for the needs of blind people.

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