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How the NFB Changed My Life

 By Raeann Sarita Barrett

(Editor's Note: Raeann is the nine-year-old daughter of Pat and Trudy Barrett. This is her entry in the Metro Chapter essay contest.)

When I was born, I was adopted by two blind people. Their names are Pat and Trudy Barrett. They used to take me to NFB meetings, and still do. When I was young, I did not understand them. When I was older, I did understand what the NFB was about.

What really changed my life was my mom and dad being members of the NFB. My mother is special because she reads Braille books to my classroom. After she reads the Braille, she shows my classmates the pictures. My mom is also special because she teaches me how to sew and take care of my garden. My dad is special because he taught me how to ride my bike and roller skate.

These are some ways that the NFB changed my life. I enjoy having blind parents.

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