Much of the work of the NFB of Minnesota is done through committees. Any member can serve on a committee.

The Board of Directors appoints committees that it or the members believe necessary to carry out the goals and objectives of the organization. Below is a list of committees and the chairperson. Contact the chairperson to find out about the activities of the committee. To express interest in serving on the committee contact the committee chairperson or the president, and they will submit it to the board.

Ad hoc (temporary) committees may also be formed from time to time to work on specific issues.

Any member who wishes to serve on an existing committee or believes a new committee is needed to work on an issue should contact
Ryan Strunk
Send email to Ryan Strunk

Statewide Committees

Membership Committee
This committee coordinates the NFB of Minnesota's efforts to recruit, retain, and strengthen members of the NFB of Minnesota.
Chair: Jan Bailey

Fundraising Committee
This committee coordinates efforts to attract funds needed to carry out the mission of the NFB of Minnesota.
Chair: Steve Jacobson

Public Relations Committee
This committee coordinates publicity for NFB of Minnesota events as well as other efforts to raise awareness about the NFB of Minnesota.
Chair: Judy Sanders

Pre-Authorized Contribution (PAC) Plan Committee
This committee works to increase contributions to the nationwide PAC plan from Minnesota Federationists.
Chair: Bob Raisbeck

Pedestrian Safety Workgroup
This group is working to develop and implement a program to educate drivers and the public in general about Minnesota's White Cane law and about the capacity of blind people to travel safely as pedestrians.
Chair: Pat Barrett

Joint Venture Steering Committee
This committee is responsible for working with a similar committee appointed by the board of directors of Blindness: Learning in New Dimensions (BLIND) to jointly oversee the operation, maintenance, and improvements of the building jointly owned by the NFB of Minnesota and BLIND.
Chair: Jennifer Dunnam

Scholarship Committee
This committee is responsible for assistance to undergraduate and graduate students through scholarship money budgeted by the board of directors. It is appointed after the Annual Convention for scholarships selected in April.
Chair: Lori Anderson

Audit Committee
This committee is responsible for reviewing the work and records of the treasurer to ensure the finances are being handled correctly. It is appointed in January for approximately a three-month period to audit the just-completed fiscal year.
Recent Chair: Steve Jacobson

Resolutions Committee
This committee receives and considers proposals for statements of policy (resolutions) submitted by Federation members, and makes recommendations to the convention of the NFB of Minnesota regarding adoption of these resolutions. It is appointed prior to the Annual Convention and serves through the convention.
Recent Chair: Ryan Strunk

Local Committees

Local chapters may also have committees on which members can help deal with local issues such as transportation, local government services, fundraising, and membership. Contact the local chapter for more information.

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