Since 1920, many people and events have built the National Federation of the Blind of Minnesota into the organization it is today. To celebrate its 75th anniversary in 1995, Peggy Chong reviewed 75 years of Board of Director meeting minutes, convention reports, and issues of the Minnesota Bulletin to write a series of articles for the Minnesota Bulletin. This is a collection of those articles.


The People Who Made Our Movement

Promoting Braille and Literacy

The Home and Center for the Blind

Promoting Quality Education for Blind Children

Promoting Legislation to Help the Blind

Applying Technology to Improve Our Lives

Building Better Lives With Jobs

Educating the Public About Blind People

Dealing with the Minneapolis Society for the Blind

Rehabilitation and the Birth of BLIND, Inc.

Promoting Independence with the White Cane

Information About Those We Work With:


Blindness: Learning In New Dimensions (BLIND, Inc.)

State Services for the Blind

Products That Help Blind People

More Resources