The policies of the National Federation of the Blind of Minnesota are established by resolutions adopted by members at state-wide conventions. A Resolutions Committee meets early during the convention in a public meeting open to all attendees. Each proposed resolution is read, spoken for by the authoring Federationist, considered, and then ultimately withdrawn or recommended for passage or disapproval by the full convention. The members then vote on the resolutions during a full convention session.

Through the state convention resolutions, we establish the governing policies of our organization!

Accessibility of the State's Information Technology

  • Make Microsoft SharePoint accessible Resolution A14-01
  • Call upon State of Minnesota to correct MNSure website so it can be efficiently used by blind persons Resolution A13-03
  • State of Minnesota to correct problems in the Statewide Integrated Financial Tools (SWIFT) system Resolution A11-07

Audible Traffic Signals

  • Wholesale installation of accessible pedestrian signals at new and updated intersections Resolution A11-06
  • Accessible pedestrian signals based on well-thought-out criteria Resolution A06-01


  • Urge the United States Congress to pass the Technology, Education and Accessibility in College and Higher Education Act Resolution A13-04
  • Urge Minnesota schools to ensure that sports activities are available to blind students Resolution A12-03
  • Online testing for K-12 Resolution A08-02
  • Adding the word "blind" to special-education rule Resolution A05-01
  • Minnesota State Academy for the Blind should have a superintendent separate from the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf Resolution A03-03
  • Access to the highest standards of literacy Resolution A01-02
  • Provision of education-related materials in accessible formats is properly the responsibility of State Services For The Blind Resolution S01-01


  • Ending subminimum wage payments to workers with disabilities Resolution A15-01
  • Urge removal of provision for sub-minimum wages from Workforce Investment Act Resolution A13-01
  • Condemn and deplore employers that take advantage of Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Resolution A13-02
  • Wages for workers with disabilities Resolution A11-04
  • Requiring a valid Minnesota driver's license in non-transportation jobs constitutes illegal discrimination against blind people Resolution A07-01
  • Accessibility in the State of Minnesota purchase of software and creation of documents Resolution A07-03
  • Call upon Minnesota's Workforce Center System to reinstate America's JobLine® Resolution A03-01


State Services for the Blind

  • Considering areas of cost reduction relating to Order of Selection Resolution A15-02
  • Increase funding for State Services for the Blind Senior Services Resolution A14-02
  • Considerations in any re-design plan for services to senior citizens Resolution A13-05
  • Training Contracts Resolution A12-01
  • Hiring blind people Resolution A12-04
  • Review SSB's policies and operational procedures Resolution A11-01
  • Filling policy vacancy at SSB Resolution A11-03
  • Practice of denying blind customers the assistive technology they need to succeed in higher education and employment Resolution A11-05
  • Ensure adequate training for counselors and supervisors
  • Ensure adequate training for counselors and supervisors Resolution S11-01
  • Provide adequate funding for senior services Resolution A10-01
  • Provide educational materials in electronic formats Resolution A09-01
  • Destructive practice of closing cases before successful outcomes Resolution A09-02
  • Staff qualifications and training Resolution A08-04
  • Promoting clerical staff without providing adequate training and hiring supervisors with no experience in the field of blindness Resolution A06-02
  • Serious concern over the inaccessibility of software Resolution A04-02
  • Bring all governmental units that provide services to blind citizens into a single department Resolution S04-01
  • Implement a program of concentrated and comprehensive immersion training on blindness for its rehabilitation counselors and their supervisors Resolution A03-02
  • Measuring success in adjustment-to-blindness training Resolution A02-01
  • Condemning the administration of Bonnie Elsey Resolution A02-03
  • Condemning the Commissioner of Economic Security Earl Wilson Resolution A00-01
  • Renew efforts to elevate SSB to a free-standing agency Resolution A00-02
  • Strengthen and protect the statutory and programmatic integrity of State Services for the Blind Resolution S00-01




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