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The Minnesota Association of Blind Students (MABS)is a division of the NFB of Minnesota, and is composed of blind students of all ages and academic levels

who seek to improve opportunities and advocate for themselves and all blind students in the state of Minnesota. We meet to discuss issues of interest to

blind students and share information and ideas. We conduct two seminars each year where experienced blind students and successful, employed blind individuals

share what they have learned in dealing with a variety of common situations such as Disability Services offices, hiring readers, misconceptions about blindness,

and many other topics. We assist with the NFB of Minnesota scholarship and distribute information about the NFB's national scholarship program.

The Minnesota Association of Blind Students (MABS) holds monthly conference calls to discuss topics and plan future events pertaining to blind students. Come learn what we're all about. The conference number is: 1 (559) 546-1000. The room code is: 6326673.

Join us in anopportunity to change what it means to be a blind student. There are a lot of areas that we can make a difference. It takes planning and action to be effective and we intend to have a large voice where it is needed. Come and join us, we need good leadership and there are plenty of opportunities to enhance your student life and build your leadership skills. We are looking forward to a very exciting year.

Also join the discussion list on NFB net.

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