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President's Updates

President's Update: Happy New Year

Greetings, fellow federationists,

I received an email from President Riccobono the other day which started off with the line “happy federation new year.” I hadn’t really thought about this before, but I think it’s a fun way to consider the work we do in our organization. The national convention is where we meet and celebrate our successes, but it’s also a place where we craft policies for the coming year, and we appropriately refer to them as resolutions. As we look forward to the coming Federation year, I’m excited about the possibilities, and I look forward to exploring all of them with you.

Unlike January, however, we don’t have downtime at the start of our new year, and so I offer you the following in that spirit.

President's Update: Help—I Need Somebody!

Greetings, fellow federationists,

One of the things that makes our organization great is how much we do on the individual level. Instead of a few people at the center of things doing all the work, we all come together when needed to make incredible things happen for blind people.

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