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Pie in the Face!

Hello my fellow Federationists, 

This year, the Minnesota Association of Blind Students is embarking on a new adventurous fundraiser involving a pie and it possibly being thrown in the face of one of our Federation family members right after our banquet.  These family members include our affiliate president Ryan Strunk, the executive director of our training center Dan Wenzel, treasurer of our student division Robert Binns, president of our national student division Kathryn Webster, our friend Isac Kautto, and--of course--me, Cody Beardslee.  
How can you help get a pie thrown in the face of one of these federationists? Just donate cash or change to the persons jar. The person with the most money in their jar at the end of banquet will be the lucky winner of a pie thrown in their face.  These jars  will be set up in the back of the general session room with Braille and print labels of each participant's name. If you have any questions, there will be a member of the MNABS leadership team there to assist you.  Before convention, you can also donate to the jars at our headquarters/BLIND, Incorporated.  They will be
set up on the bell table in the lobby!   

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at or 763-291-3711.  
Thank you for contributing to our student division!

Cody Beardslee 
President, Minnesota Association of Blind Students

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