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Federation Family News

The National Federation of the Blind of Minnesota is an organization focused on consumer advocacy for blind people and promoting a positive philosophy of blindness.  We are also a family.  Here is a column we will print from time to time, containing items that would not normally be sent out on our membership listserv but which are noteworthy and of interest to members.  Did you or a Federationist you know get a new job?  Go on a major trip?  Win an award?  Have a child?  Something else important to you?  If you have news you would like shared in this column, send it to the Bulletin editor, Tom Scanlan, and he will pass it along.  Here’s the news for this issue:

James Sloan, who is originally from Liberia but has been in the U.S. for 14 years, became an American citizen on February 15, 2012.  Congratulations, James!

Bryce Samuelson just got a job as a Certified Test Consultant at The Wehrman Collaborative, doing accessibility testing of websites, electronic documents, electronic file formats, etc.  He will no doubt be a great asset to the company and a help to ensure that blind people can access the materials.

Judy Sanders has successfully completed a very rigorous course and earned certification as a Literary Braille Proofreader from the Library of Congress, National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.  Congratulations to Judy.

It is likely that we’ve missed some noteworthy news here.  If so, please do send it along for the next column. 

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