101 Ways to Help

101 Ways to Help

An activity at recent conventions has been the discussion and distribution of a list of ways to help, or "jobs", in the NFB of Minnesota affiliate.  That list is below, and we would like to hear from you about which job(s) you would be interested in doing.  Please read on.

There is a lot of work to do to improve opportunities for blind people here in Minnesota, and lots of help is needed to get the work done.  Previous responses to this list have been extremely helpful to us in finding the willing hands to do the work that is needed—thank you to all that have responded to this before! 

Some of the jobs listed here are one-person jobs; some require more than one person to do them.  Some are currently being handled very well by someone or someones; a few of them are not yet being done at all yet and need a willing soul to take them on.  Even if you know that someone is currently already handling a particular job, please indicate if you are interested; we are not out to replace a person who is happily doing a great job, but it is good to know who else might be interested in case that person would like a break or needs help!

Also note that although a hundred are listed here, there are many more jobs to do in this affiliate that are not listed.  If you think of something you would like to do that is not here, please let us know!

There is much that needs doing in Minnesota.  Hearing from you what activities you personally would be willing to do will help to determine how much we as a the Federation will be able to get done.  Thank you!

  1. Coordinate food for potlucks/events (chapter)
  2. Work in kitchen at events where food is served (chapter)
  3. Coordinate the Walk For Opportunity
  4. Take payment at chapter or affiliate events.
  5. Get corporate sponsors for the Walk for Opportunity
  6. Greet new people at events/meetings and help them get connected
  7. Coordinate condolences, get wells, and thank-you cards/calls  (chapter)
  8. Assist members in situations in which advocacy is needed (SSB, government, etc.) (sometimes requires availability during the day)
  9. Represent NFB of MN on councils/boards (involves much more than just attending meetings)
  10. Track bills in legislature on internet
  11. Help with events for children and/or teens.
  12. Edit formatting of documents to be printed
  13. Keep track of timeline for planning events and give reminders about items due
  14. Take minutes of meetings/conventions
  15. Manage the organization’s finances 
  16. Write resolutions to be brought before the convention
  17. Coordinate convention logistics
  18. Organize mailings
  19. Participate in mailings (folding, stuffing, stamping, sealing, etc.)
  20. Edit the Minnesota Bulletin (quarterly newsletter of NFB of MN)
  21. Recruit content for the Minnesota Bulletin
  22. Coordinate the Minnesota Bulletin production
  23. Transcribe/emboss the Minnesota Bulletin into braille
  24. Create an audio copy of the Minnesota Bulletin
  25. Create/edit electronic  version of the bulletin
  26. Label print Minnesota Bulletins for mailing
  27. Prepare braille Minnesota Bulletin for mailing
  28. Check tickets at convention events
  29. Record/stream audio for meetings/events
  30. Transcribe audio from conventions/seminars into written form for inclusion in the Minnesota Bulletin etc.
  31. Take photographs at meetings/events
  32. Set up/tear down physical meeting space when meeting in our headquarters building or other non-hotel spaces
  33. Keep track of inventory of NFB of MN supplies /literature that need replenishing from time to time
  34. Write editorials to newspapers on our issues
  35. Do initial contacts with potential new members (phone call)
  36. Do initial contacts with potential new members (meet in person)
  37. Call members to remind them about chapter meetings 
  38. Call members to inform them about actions needed
  39. Call non-renewing members to encourage them to renew 
  40. Handle phone calls from people who need referrals/assistance
  41. Mentor new members
  42. Maintain NFB of MN database 
  43. Host or organize social events to bring members together
  44. Maintain our website (may require knowledge of code)
  45. Coordinate page content for our website 
  46. Set up/maintain sound system for meetings/conventions in our building
  47. Coordinate events for children or teens.
  48. Bring program ideas for meetings/conventions.
  49. Provide or coordinate transportation for members to NFB activities or appointments
  50. Tutor someone in braille, either adults or children
  51. Take NFB literature to places like doctors’ offices to raise awareness
  52. Organize door prizes for conventions
  53. Go to businesses to ask for door prizes for convention.
  54. Serve as "runner" for door prizes during convention
  55. Recruit items for bake auction
  56. Organize the bake auction itself
  57. Coordinate meet the blind month activities
  58. Schedule legislative appointments for Washington Seminar
  59. Coordinate appointments schedule for day at the capitol
  60. Promote/coordinate contributions to PAC
  61. Promote/coordinate contributions to the Imagination fund
  62. Write press releases.
  63. Contact media to promote events/issues
  64. Do research to update database of media contacts
  65. Travel to various parts of the state to help with membership recruiting.
  66. Contact potential new members in your area.
  67. Participate in Community Shares of Minnesota events (one of our funding sources)
  68. Help develop written materials to present to legislators on our issues
  69. Help meet in person with legislators to get their support for specific legislation 
  70. Coordinate community service activities that raise awareness about blindness and the NFB while giving back to the community
  71. Participate in community service activities
  72. Speak to school classrooms about blindness
  73. Sell raffle tickets/candy etc.
  74. Lead NFB meetings.
  75. Come up with fund-raising ideas.
  76. Help with implementing new fundraising ideas.
  77. Write grants for NFB of MN
  78. Braille names for door prize drawings
  79. Write articles for the Minnesota Bulletin
  80. Plan meetings/activities for blind college students
  81. Plan meetings/activities for parents of blind children.
  82. Plan meetings/activities for blind seniors.
  83. Provide occasional help to members needing assistance with technology 
  84. Coordinate transportation to meetings/conventions
  85. Watch newspapers/web sites for news stories about blindness
  86. Maintain our social media sites (twitter, Facebook)

Already on the to-do list of every Federationist:

  1. Promote a positive philosophy of blindness and Put philosophy into action in daily life
  2. Bring ideas for activities/issues
  3. Call legislators about issues when needed
  4. Write letters on issues when needed
  5. Read Braille Monitor,Minnesota Bulletin,emails, etc. to stay informed.
  6. Bring baked items for bake auction at annual convention
  7. Make appointment with your legislators for Minnesota Day at the Capitol
  8. Contribute financial support
  9. Solicit contributions from others for the Walk for Opportunity, Give to the Max Day, and other events
  10. Bring new members to Federation meetings/events
  11. Help someone if there is a problem.
  12. Turn anything destructive into something constructive 
  13. Participate in projects/activities of the federation on a local, state, and national level
  14. Participate in a hobby/activity outside of blindness, and expand your social circle
  15. Something not on this list that you personally are doing or would like to do