Affiliate Convention

Join Us for Our 2023 Annual Convention

Our annual state convention each year is an opportunity for the blind of our state to come together to celebrate our successes, plan for the future, educate ourselves and others, and strengthen our bonds of friendship. We will share public services and other resources for the blind, exchange ideas, and formulate plans and policies for the coming year.

When and Where

November 3-5, 2023, Rochester.


Details coming soon.

Membership Dues

If you have not yet paid your $5.00 membership dues for the year ending December 31, 2022, you may do so online along with your registration. Only members may vote on our policies or in our elections, so don't miss your chance to be part of shaping our movement.

Convention Activities

The convention will be filled with as much information, community, and fun as ever. Stay tuned for complete details about the schedule.