Many people are involved in getting this issue to you. The writers can write and the editor can edit, but until the material is printed, brailled, recorded, and distributed, it is just a computer file. Therefore, we owe great thanks to the following people for the work they do in producing this publication.

• Judy Sanders proofreads and provides corrections for both the print and braille editions.

• Sharon Monthei makes corrections to the braille and print editions, transcribes, and embosses the braille edition.

• Caitlin Baker formats the layout of the print edition.

• Art Hadley reads the audio edition for cassette tape, Compact Disc, and audio download.

• Tim Aune duplicates the cassette tape edition and makes the master copy for the Compact Disc edition.

•Dave Andrews marks up and posts the NFB-NEWSLINE® edition.

•Jennifer Dunnam marks up and posts the website edition. She also makes corrections to the print edition.

• Sid Starnes deals with the printer for the print edition, mails the print edition and other tasks as needed.

• Emily Zitek collates the copies for the braille edition and mails the braille and audio editions.